Component overview

Required Parts for Light Emitting Units

  • IR Emitter SMD (940 nm), 50x
  • 14 Ω SMD Resistors, 50x
  • Resistors : 340 Ω, 820 Ω, 1x each
  • Fotocoating plate (35 μm, 0.5mm thickness), 1x
  • Potentiometer (0.2W, 2.2 kΩ), 1x
  • Voltage regulator (LM317T, 1.5A), 1x
  • Capacitor (2.2 μF, 50V), 1x
  • IR Unit Control Case, 1x
  • Low-voltage Connector + Socket (e.g. 2.5mm/5.5mm), 1x
  • Voltage Regulator (18W, 12V, 1.5A), includes low-voltage connector, 1x
  • Cable (one+two cores, several meters length)
  • Tumbler switch

Required Parts for VR Display

  • 3D Printer + black and white PLA filament
  • 80×80 mm hot mirrors (2x)
  • magnifying VR lenses
  • VR display (e.g. 2.560 x 1440 @ 90 Hz) + flexible 5m HDMI cable
  • 2x infrared eye tracking camera (e.g. Sony PS Eye)
  • Film foliage (for hacking non-IR cameras)
  • Arduino or Teensy
  • orientation sensor (e.g. MPU-6050/9150/9250)
  • 5m cable extension (probably USB for cameras and orientation sensor)
  • hot glue, superglue  + duct tape 🙂
  • various screws
  • optional : front camera for inside-out tracking


  • soldering iron + solder
  • precision drill (e.g. Dremel)
  • sandpaper
  • hot glue pistol


LED control unit wiring scheme :

Illumination Control Unit

Eye Tracking HMD wiring scheme

This example including two cameras and orientation sensor connected to an USB hub located in the ET-HMD :

ET-HMD Wiring Scheme

Augmented Reality Eye Tracking HMD

Here is an alternative Eye Tracking HMD wiring scheme including two additional front cameras for stereo video-see-through AR. All cameras ar connected to a single USB 3 hub. The orientation sensor is directly connected to the computer.

AR-ET-HMD wiring scheme

3d-Printing and Assembly

Some impressions from the (rather lengthy) printing and assembly process….








Gaze-Tracking Concept << >> Hardware Calibration


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